Eva Carneiro vs Mourinho

When I saw the news about Eva Carneiro vs Mourinho I realised it may be a great material for my teenage classes. Many boys love football, and many girls like helping others and all of them feel strongly about justice. This explosive mixture should lead to a great discussion in class. That´s why I decided to use the news about Mourinho firing the doctor Eva Carneiro from Chelsea bench to create the following worksheet.
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The worksheet contains two speaking exercise, two vocabulary exercises and a reading exercise.

You can find the original news at BBC news site.

Eva Carneiro – lesson plan

The first activity is the classical Find Someone Who speaking activity. Hand out the worksheet (best print it on both sides of one page) and ask your students to form questions they will ask their partners. You might drill some of the more difficult questions with the whole class.

Explain that the students can have just one name next to each statement and I always stipulate that students must write the name of each student only once into their worksheet.

Ask the students to stand up and mingle and complete their worksheet.

Stop the activity after five minutes and elicit who does what.

Eva Carneiro vs Mourinho – vocabulary

In the worksheet there are two vocabulary activities. The first one is called New Vocabulary and students should study the words here. If you teach a monolingual class you can ask them to translate the words.

The second activity is called Remembering Tables. Ask the students to have a look at the first table on the left. Read the words aloud and students have to repeat them.
Then give the students 20 seconds to remember all the words. After the set time, students cover the table on the left and write the words into the first table on the right. After they finish they check their answers and spelling.

Do the same with the second, third and fourth table, but the time given should be 30,45 and 30 seconds.

Eva Carneiro vs Mourinho – Reading and speaking

The third activity is called Reading and it is the most traditional activity you will find here. Students read the text and answer the comprehension questions in the part called Answer the Questions.

Once you check the students’ comprehension of the text, move to the fourth activity, which is speaking again. Students work in pairs. One of them pretends to be a reporter and the other is Eva Carneiro. The reporter asks the questions in the Role Play exercise and the other students tries to answer as Eva would.

When they finish, students swap roles and the student who was Eva is the reporter now and the other student pretends to be Jose Mourinho now. The reporter asks the same questions but the other student has to try to answer them as Jose Mourinho would.

You can then change the pairs and repeat the activity once or twice.

Eva Carneiro vs Mourinho – Grammar up

Here I start with a rather strange drill. I ask the students to put the worksheets away and I read the sentences from the text and the students have to repeat them. I do not correct them I just leave them repeat the sentence they heard as best as they can.
[showmyadsa] The last activity is called Grammar Up and students have to complete the last text with the missing words without looking into the original text. Once they finish they should check their answers with the original text in the section Reading.

Eva Carneiro vs Mourinho – Conclusion

I hope that your students will find the text Eva Carneiro vs Mourinho so interesting that they will discuss it in full. Please leave your comments to tell me how well or badly the activity went in your class. I will read your comments carefully and try to improve the activity.

Eva Carneiro vs Mourinho

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