I learn Spanish

This post is going to be slightly different as this time I am not going to speak about English grammar but I am going to speak about me and my hobby. It might not surprise you, but in my free time I try to learn another foreign language. I try to learn Spanish and in this post I would like to show you how. So sit tight.
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I learn Spanish – recording

First I listen to the following recording and I repeat the Spanish sentences in the gaps. It is pretty difficult but as it is quite quick I do not mind. I repeat this two or three times. The great advantage of the recording is that I can understand the meaning and at the same time I have to produce it actively. And to repeat the text my brain needs to analyse this and then divide the text into chunks which I am able to repeat. Do not worry if you are not able to repeat everything the first time. You will get better soon.
I learn Spanish 1 – recording
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learning online

I learn Spanish – The text

After listening to the text three times, I realise that there are places which I cannot analyse and I have a look at the text. You can find the transcript here:

Don’t forget to click the CC icon on the video to see the text at the same time as she pronounces it.

I learn Spanish – Vocabulary

There are many exercises to practise the language taught at http://www.spanishlistening.org/content/015-adelina-spain-compras.html but it is not really helpful for me.
That is why I created my own vocabulary worksheet. Check it out here:

I learn Spanish 1

I learn Spanish 1 key

And now it is time to return to the first recording and repeat the text at least once a day for 3 days. And now I can say something in Spanish.

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