There is – grammar game

There is there are games pics
There is there are games pics
There is a coffee table

“There is ” is a simple grammar point. You use it to describe a picture or a place.


If you have a look at this picture, you can say:

There is a coffee table on the carpet.

There is a sofa.

There are two armchairs in the room.

There isn’t a shower.

There aren’t any plants.


  •        There is … (1 thing)… (where).
  •        There are … (more things) …. (where).
  •        ? Is there a … (1 thing) …. (where) ?
  •        ? Are there any …. (more things) …  (where)?
  •        There isn’t a …(1 thing) … (where).
  •        There aren’t any … (more things) … (where).

And here are the games:

There is games

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