Top 10 posts in 2015 at

Top 10 posts in 2015

This is the last post in the year 2015. This year I created about 100 posts. In this post I would like to mention the 10 posts I have been most proud of.

10. Irregular Verbs Practice

Practice makes perfect and the more time students spend learning English, the more English they will learn. So in this post, there are ten quizzes to practise 90 irregular verbs. Each quiz contains a leaderboard where the students can compare their results with others.


9. Prepositions of Place

In fact, there are two posts on prepostions of place. In the first post, I just present the prepositions of place and in the second one I give my students a chance to use the prepositions in speaking activities. As both of the posts led to great achievements of my students, I decided to present them both here.

8. Present Perfect Continuous

For a long time the present perfect continuous tense was the tense that I never covered in my posts. So finally in November I buckled down to work and I created a colourful infographic, a video and several games to help my learners with this tense.

7. Halloween Activities

I love good songs and in this post I was able to share with you a great Halloween song. Moreover, I created a board game and several other activities to give you a set of useful and language rich exercises for a Halloween Lesson.

6. Articles with Names

Teaching articles with proper names is really difficult. It seems that there are no rules and it is impossible to memorise all the names. Therefore, I was really glad to discover some rules of thumb to help my students use the articles correctly most of the time.

5. Irregular Verbs with Fluency MC

During this summer Fluency MC and I created four posts on irregular verbs. Fluency MC allowed me to use his mega hit rap song and I supplied the infographics and games. The resulting posts proved to be really popular.
Moreover, Fluency MC asked me to share this message and link with you. Join Fluency MC’s free starter course here and also get his free YouTube songbook!

4. Present Perfect Speaking Activities

Teenagers are very reluctant to speak English in lessons. That is why I am so proud that I managed to create two speaking activities which got them talking. Try them out in your lessons and see for yourselves.


3. The Difference between Present Simple and Continuous Tenses

This is a great visual material which leads students to understanding the difference between the present simple and the present continuous tenses. I have been using the worksheets since I created this material and it really works.

2. How to Teach the Second Conditional

I put in a lot of time and creativity to make this post and I am really proud of the result. There is a great infographic, a video and several games to help you teach the second conditional.

1. Kitchen Tools and Equipment

Here I create a nice infographic in which I teach about 30 words for things you can find in the kitchen. The infographic is wonderful and it has been shared a lot. Moreover, there are several games to practise the vocabulary.

Thank you for following my site and I hope to be able to share with you more great materials in 2016.

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  1. Thank you Zdenda, for all your hard work. These posts are so helpful.


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