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top 5 posts at engames

It is the end of the first month of the year 2015 and it is time to sum up what I have done and achieved. This month I have managed to publish 10 posts. Most of them are quite good with the exception of the post on Some and Any where the game is very bad. Sorry about that.


[showmyads] The most successful post was the post with additional exercises to practise five different tenses in English. It was a continuation of the post Five different tenses in English which was even more popular and which I published in December.

The second most popular post taught nine irregular verbs in context. It contains a beautiful story with many different exercises. It is very useful if you teach irregular verbs.

The bronze medal goes to the post on How much and How many. In this post I tried to explain the usage of these two words in a graphical way. And judging from your reactions I was quite successful.

If you do not like reading long stories, here is just the Top 5 list:

  1.  Five tenses – more exercises 58,469 views
  2.  Teach 9 irregular verbs in one lesson 46,504 views
  3.  How much and How many 31,413 views
  4.  Learn 10 words in 16 minutes 30,796 views
  5.  Adverbs of Frequency 28,830 views

Thanks for using our website and for all your valuable comments.

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