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Phrasal verbs with BRING
Phrasal verbs with BRING

A few days ago my friend Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat publised a great post called “20 Phrasal Verbs with ‘BRING’ – Let’s Explore“. I liked it so much that I contacted Shanthi and she kindly agreed to my turning her post into infographics and games. And here you can see the final result of our great cooperation.


Phrasal verbs with BRING – infographics

On her blog http://englishwithatwist.com/ Shanthi comes up with twenty different meanings of the phrasal verbs with BRING. Here, we tried to put the information in two infographics (as it was not possible to put all the information into just one 🙂 ).

Phrasal verbs with Bring infographic web

Phrasal verbs with Bring infographic web 2

You can download the full-size pictures here:
Phrasal verbs with Bring infographic 1

Phrasal verbs with Bring infographic 2

Phrasal verbs with BRING – games

Once the students study the infographics, it is time to practise their knowledge. I created 3 games to help them with the revision.

The first game is called On Target. Students should read the sentence and complete it with the correct option A-D. If they answer correctly, they are given a chance to shoot the bad ducks. They can shoot one of the bottles on the sides and get a bonus. This game is in Flash and it will play only on desktops.

Phrasal verbs with Bring – On Target

The second game is called Penalty Shoot Out. At school students love playing in two teams against each other. They have to choose the correct answer and then they should score a goal. It is not easy but it is great fun. This game is in Flash and it will play only on desktops.

Phrasal verbs with Bring – Penalty

[showmyadsa] The third game is called Goose Science Quiz and the students click on the die and move forward. From time to time they have to answer a question. If they answer correctly they move forward and if they answer incorrectly they move backwards. The winner is the student who gets to the FINISH first. The game is in HTML5 and it will play on all electronic devices.

Phrasal verbs with Bring – Quiz

Phrasal verbs with Bring – Links

If you want to see the original blog post by Shanthi go here.

There are several interesting posts on Phrasal verbs at British Council pages too.

In this post we tried to introduce twenty different meanings of Phrasal verbs with Bring. If you would like to see more posts on phrasal verbs, you can go to Phrasal verbs in a story or Phrasal verbs Fred and Betty.

Phrasal verbs with BRING