Pronunciation: Voiceless TH sound

If you do not know a sound, your brain filters it out when you hear someone using it. That is why it is crucial to teach sounds that do not exist in students' mother tongue. Moreover, Adrian Tennant at claims that you should learn to hear and say the new sounds at the…


Sports vocabulary

Some posts take quite a long time to produce, but this one was an extreme case. Four people participated on it and I think we have produced a great material to teach vocabulary connected with sports. ADVERT: [showmyads] In my opinion there is everything. There is a video to help students with the pronunciation…

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First news for learners of English

My students are online all the time. Through the internet they are flooded with information, but whenever I ask them about any current affairs they know nothing. They have no idea who or what I am talking about. ADVERT: [showmyads] In my opinion, this "dementia" is caused by two factors. First, all the news…


Future – will or going to

There are many ways to speak about future in English. We have already dealt with two ways here. In the first blog we tried to distinguish between Will and MAY and Might on the basis of certainty that an event will happen. ADVERT: [showmyads] In this post I would like to demonstrate the difference…


Battle of Hastings

This material is a demonstration of the approach called CLIL. In CLIL You learn the content and thus you learn the language. However, experimenting a bit with the approach I like to do this a bit differently. First, I introduce the vocabulary through the mind map, then I present the text (this time in…


Take a rain check – BBC programme

BBC site offers a lot of interesting and really useful materials for learners and teachers of English. However, they just present something and they do not give you much chance to learn what they teach. That is why I prepared this short post. Take a rain check - video Some time ago a researcher…

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