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Christmas activities
Christmas activities

Christmas is coming and it is always a good idea to have several Christmas activities up your sleeve. Here are the things I love to do when I teach the Christmas lesson.

Christmas – song

There are many different Christmas songs. I always play three or four traditional English carols, but I always prepare an original song the students have never heard before. This year I have prepared the following song.
I ask my students to listen and complete the following lyrics:
Christmas time song
If you are looking for more Christmas songs, there is a nice one on British Council page.

Christmas – song

Once I we are over the song I love to present Christmas in Great Britain. I use the following mind map.
Christmas mind map vocabulary better
I print out the mind map and then I display it on the IWB. I start from the top and explain that 24th December is called Christmas eve and that people in Britain and America get ready for the Christmas day. I present each vocabulary item and explain it to my students or elicit their knowledge.
I go like this till the 26th December.
Once you have presented the vocabulary, you can test your students’ knowledge in the following game:

Christmas vocabulary quiz

Christmas – Czech Traditions

Of course it is great if students can speak about the British or American Christmas traditions but the foreigners are always interested in your own traditions. That is why it is necessary to be able to speak about the local traditions.
As I teach in the Czech Republic, I have prepared a short text about the Czech traditions. You can find the text, recording and several quizzes over here:

[showmyadsa] Czech Christmas traditions

Christmas – Download

Would you like to download the song and use it in offline? As we cannot distribute more than 10,000 copies you have to complete the following form and we will send the video and MP3 file ASAP.
Please note, that you cannot distribute the song further!!!

So, merry Christmas and Happy New Year.