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Confusing words: BIG or LARGE, HIGH or TALL
Confusing words: BIG or LARGE, HIGH or TALL

For many learners of English the slight differences between the words BIG vs. LARGE and HIGH vs. TALL are very difficult to understand. In this post I will try to make the differences clearer and easy to remember. To achieve this, I have come up with two videos, two quizzes and two mind maps. I hope you will undestand the differences now.
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Confusing words – High and Tall video

[/su_heading][su_spacer] The following video has been created by Australia + Learning English. This video clearly explains the differences in the usage of the words TALL and HIGH. Watch it and then complete the mind map below.

Once you have watched the video, try to complete the following mind map. Of course you can watch it several times if you need. Keep the completed mind map for your future reference.
Confusing words tall and high mind map


Confusing words – BIG and LARGE video

[/su_heading][su_spacer] BBC learning English produced a great explanation of the differences between the two words on their pages. I have just turned it into an interactive video, which you can see below. At the end of the video there is a quiz to check whether you remember the most important facts.

The sound track comes from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/radio/specials/1837_aae/page24.shtml
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Once again it would be ideal if you completed the following mind map to remember all the facts about the usage of the two words.
confusing words big and large mind map


Confusing words – revision

[/su_heading][su_spacer] Now it is high time to practise all that you have learnt so far. In the following quiz you have to answer more than 70% of all the questions correctly to be able to play the game Angry Finches. Of course you can use all the materials from this post. All games and videos here are in HTML5 so they should play on your mobile devices.

If you want to see the quiz on the full screen, click the following button:
[su_button url=”https://engames.eu/vocabulary/big and tall/QUIZ on TALL HIGH (Web)/index.html” target=”blank” background=”#17ad38″]Confusing words – final quiz[/su_button]