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The environment vocabulary for intermediate learners
The environment vocabulary for intermediate learners

The environment is one of the most frequently discussed topics in the world. However, to be able to speak about this topic you need some basic vocabulary. In this post I try to introduce some words related to the topic of Environment. Later you can practise the new words in games.


In this post on you can find a video presentation of all the words given here:

sewerage system
nature reserve
fossil fuels
global warming
greenhouse effect
endangered species
go off
die out
run out of
give off
cut down
bring out
clear up
throw away

Environment vocabulary – video

Here is a video presentation of the vocabulary connected with the environment.

Environment vocabulary – mind map

Once you know the words, try to divide them into the following mind map.

Environment vocabulary mind map

Environment vocabulary – games

As it is holiday over here, I have had a lot of time and I have created several games to practise the vocabulary.
The first game is a simple quiz. Your task is to match the words and definitions, and then complete the sentences with the new words. If you pass the quiz you can play the game called Angry Finches as long as you like.
Environment vocabulary – quiz

The second game is called Reaction and your task is to complete the sentences with the missing words and then click on the ugly frog as quickly as possible.

Environment vocabulary – Reaction game

The third game is a dictation game. Listen to the sentences and if you write them correctly you will be given a chance to play the game called Hot race.

Environment vocabulary – Dictation

The last game is just loosely connected to the topic. It is called Reaction and your task is to write the adjectives of the given words. If you create the adjectives correctly you will play the game Reaction. Wait till the ugly frog appears and then click on it as quickly as you can.

Environment vocabulary – Adjectives