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Past tense of regular verbs
Past tense of regular verbs

It has been known that people remember grammar rules best if they come up with their own explanation. Therefore, the teachers should try to design their teaching activities in such a way that they will help students create their own rules.

Be going to for elementary students of English
Be going to for elementary students of English

Are you going to teach or learn the form “BE GOING TO” for expressing future? This post might come handy. There is a mind map explaining all the forms: Affirmative sentences, negative sentences and questions.

This post is especially designed for elementary students who need to learn the form. There are two games to practise the form too.

Be going to – mind map

Study the forms of Be Going To in this mind map:
Be going to mind map

Be going to – games

Both of the games should be in HTML5 and thus you should be able to play them on your mobile phone or on a tablet too.

The first game is called Reaction. Your task is to complete the sentences with be going to and then click on the ugly frog as quickly as you can. The quicker you click the more points you are going to get.

The second game is a quiz. If you answer all the questions correctly you will be able to play the game called Indiara. Good luck.