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Infinitive of purpose
Infinitive of purpose

This is one of the easiest grammar points for the Czech students because in their mother tongue there exists a structure which is similar to infinitive of purpose. Because of this, I am not going to spend too much time and energy on this grammar point.

[showmyads] There is just a mind map explaining and demonstrating the infinitive of purpose and a game where you can practise the grammar.

Infinitive of purpose – mind map

Infinitive of purpose is used if you want to say why you did or do something.
Infinitive of purpose - mind map

Infinitive of purpose – a game

In the following game you have to match the beginning and the end of the sentence. Then you have to rewrite the first sentence using the infinitive of purpose. If you pass the test you will have a chance to play the game Speedway racing. I have managed 6,732 points. Will you be better than me?

Infinitive of purpose – quiz and game
There is just one game this time as I feel that this grammar is very easy and you do not need to practise it a lot. If you feel differently leave a comment and if there are a lot of comments demanding more games and quizzes I will gladly add them.