Videos to Teach the Past Simple Tense

Recently I have created a set of videos to teach the past simple tense in English. There is a video that helps students learn to form the past tense in the following situations: the affirmative sentences of regular verbs.the affirmative sentences of irregular verbs.the negative sentences of regular verbs.questions.and short answers All these grammatical…


Adverbs of Frequency for Elementary Students of English

Adverbs of frequency are a really a complicated grammar. Even though many textbooks teach these words very early on, their usage is not simple and there are many exceptions to the rules. But as I have to present it to elementary students, I try to keep them as simple as possible and I keep…

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Relative clauses in English – learn English Grammar

Relative clauses are one of the few grammar points I have covered just once. It might have been caused by the fact that I have always considered this grammar easy to understand and explain. Therefore, I never needed several infographics to help me. So it took several years before I created another infographic and…


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