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Modern Technology – English vocabulary
Modern Technology – English vocabulary

Picture dictionaries are very popular among learners of English. In this post, I would like to offer you a pictionary with vocabulary connected with Modern Technology. This post contains an infographic, a crossword and three games.

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Machines and appliances – infographic

[/su_heading][su_spacer] Print the following infographic for your students.
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It is a good idea to drill the pronunciation first. Then ask the students to learn the words. I usually give my students about five minutes to do this.

Then hand out the following crossword. Ask the students to complete the crossword. They can use the original infographic if they need to.
Machines and appliances vocabulary crossword

You can print the infographic and the crossword using the following pdf file.

[su_button url=”https://engames.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Machines-and-appliances-vocabulary-pdf.pdf” target=”blank” background=”#f56b68″ size=”6″]Machines and appliances – worksheet pdf[/su_button] [su_spacer][su_heading]

Modern Technology – games

[/su_heading][su_spacer] To practise the new vocabulary, I have created three games which students can play either at school or at home. All the games are in HTML5 and they will work on all desktop computers and mobile devices.

[wptabsy] [tab]Dice game[/tab] [tab]Time game[/tab] [tab]Length game[/tab] [tabcontent] The first game is called Dice game. Click the PLAY button and then you will see a picture. Type what you see in the picture (do not use CAPITAL letters). If you type the correct word, two dice will appear on the screen. Your task is to click the STOP button. You will get as many points as there are on the dice when you stop them. If both of the dice show the same number, you will get ten extra points. Good luck.

[su_button url=”https://engames.eu/modern technology/Dice/index.html” target=”blank” background=”#f56b68″ size=”6″]Dice game[/su_button] [/tabcontent] [tabcontent] The second games is called Guess the time. Your task is to type what you see in the picture (do not use CAPITAL letters). If your answer is correct, a countdown will appear on the screen. Your task is to stop the countdown at the moment it reaches zero. The closer to zero you stop it the more points you get.

[showmyadsa] [su_button url=”https://engames.eu/modern technology/Time/index.html” target=”blank” background=”#f56b68″ size=”6″]Guess the time – full screen[/su_button] [/tabcontent] [tabcontent] The third game is called Guess the Length. Once again, you will see a picture and your task is to type the correct word (do not use CAPITAL letters). If your answer is correct a line will appear on the screen. Your task is to guess how long the line is.

[su_button url=”https://engames.eu/modern technology/Length/index.html” target=”blank” background=”#f56b68″ size=”6″]Length game – full screen[/su_button] [/tabcontent] [/wptabsy]

You can find some more materials to teach about Technology at British Council site.