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Months – a lexical set to learn
Months – a lexical set to learn

Months are one of the few lexical sets that students have to learn. In general, lexical sets are difficult to learn and remember. Therefore, we should teach vocabulary in thematic sets. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. There are some lexical sets which should be taught as such. They are for example numbers, days of the week and months.

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In this post, I am going to offer you several activities to help your students learn all of the months. There is a video, an infographic, a worksheet and a speaking activity.

Months – song

Whenever I teach months of the year, I start my lesson with the following song by British Council. It is catchy and it is a great way to introduce the months.

Ask the students to sing along and then introduce the following infographic.


Display the following infographic:

Months of the year infographic

It is a good idea to print the infographic for everyone, so they can take it home. You can print it from the following pdf file.

Months of the year – infographic

Past simple and continuous – song

To practise the vocabulary, download the following worksheet, and print it for everyone. Ask the students to solve the puzzles. It usually takes them about 15 minutes to finish all the tasks. You do not have to check their answers, as it is not possible to finish the tasks while you give wrong answers.

Moths of the year – worksheet

Months of the year – Speaking activity

The following speaking activity is called pair crossword.

  1. Divide the class into Group A and Group B.
  2. Explain that you are going to give both groups the same crossword but that group A will have the across words already written in and group B will have the down words already written in. Their task is to write clues for the words written in their crosswords.
  3. Give a copy of crossword A to each student in Group A and a copy of crossword B to each student in Group B.
  4. Students work in their groups and write the clues.
  5. When they have finished writing their clues, the students should work with a partner from the other group. They must not sow their crossword to their partner.
  6. They sat facing one another and take it in turns to ask their partner for clues to the missing words on their own crossword. They should read out the clues they have written for their partner to guess the words, and write in the missing words on their crosswords from the clues their partner gives them.
Months of the year – pair crossword