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Past simple tense
Past simple tense

Past simple is one of the most important English tenses. Scott Thornbury once wrote that he would sacrifice all the perfect tenses and other grammar if he could teach past simple properly. I agree with him, because if the students could you this tense, then I would probably forgive them everything.

Basic English grammar rules – infographic

To teach all the basic English grammar rules about the past tense I use the following mind map.
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Basic English grammar rules – online quiz

I believe that it is critical that students know the irregular verbs. Here you can find two games to learn and practise the verbs. You cannot master the basic grammar rules without some memory work and a lot of practice. To play the games, click the download link and open the downloaded file in Adobe Reader. Then click on the game and enjoy.

During the week more activities on Past simple tense are coming. Watch out for them.
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