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Some and Any – English grammar
Some and Any – English grammar

The usage of the words SOME and ANY is really easy. However, some textbooks like to mix this grammar with the concept of countability and thus they confuse the students. These two words have very little to do with countability. In my opinion their usage is dependent on completely different factors.
In this post I would like to show how I teach the usage of SOME and ANY. There is an infographic to help me and several exercises to practise this grammar.

Some and Any – infographics

When I teach this grammar, I print out the following infographics and ask my students to have a look at it for one minute. Then I ask them to explain the grammar. Surprisingly, more often than not they are capable of explaining the grammar without my intervention.
Some and Any infographics

Once I elicit the usage of the two words, I verify the students knowledge with the following exercises and games.

Some and Any – exercises and games

The first quiz is created in HTML 5 so it will play on all mobile devices. It is not a bad idea to ask your students from time to time to use their mobiles and do the exercise online. They will feel happy that they can use their mobile phones or tablets at school.

Some and Any quiz – full screen

The second game is called On target and students at school love it. Your aim is to choose the correct answer and then shoot as many bad ducks as possible. Moreover, you can get a bonus if you shoot one of the bottles on the side. This game is in flash and therefore will work only on desktops.

Some and Any quiz – full screen

If you do not have an interactive whiteboard at school, you will appreciate the print version of the quiz:

Some and Any_print version

If you feel that there are not enough exercises at this site you can visit British Council site and learn more about SOME and ANY there.

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Macmillan-Dictionary-Love-English-Awards-2014Macmillan publishing house runs a competition Love English Awards and as this site has been nominated, you can vote for us here. Thank you for your support.

How much and How many – share

If you like the two games above and you would like to share them on your blog or use them in a classroom without an internet connection, you can do this. You can download all the files here:

Some and any zip file with the games