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Susan Boyle Video lesson
Susan Boyle Video lesson

Youtube is one of the most popular websites on the internet. 4 billion videos are watched every day there. Therefore we should not ignore it and try to use it to teach English. In this post I take one of the Youtube videos and I build the whole lesson around it. It is the video of Susan Boyle┬┤s first performance and it not only gives you a chance to improve your students┬┤ knowldedge of English, it also allows you to discuss some serious questions like ageism.

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Susan Boyle – worksheet

Print the following worksheet (one copy for each student).

Susan Boyle video worksheet

First, ask the students to work in pairs and discuss the questions from activity 1. Give them about three minutes to do this. When they finish ask several students the questions and listen to their answers.

Then play the video and the students have to complete the exercises 2-4.

Here is the key to exercise 2: dream, love, young, song, tigers, hopes, dream, dream, weather, life, different, dream.

Play the video twice to give the students a chance to absorb the video while doing the tasks which are not that easy.

Once they finish, ask the students to choose three questions from exercise 5 and ask you. Answer the questions and well as you can. Thus you will demonstrate the way your students should speak and at the same time you will tell your students something about you. In this way you might get closer to them and they will get some time to think about their own answers. Be honest in your answers, students, especially teenagers, hate insencere teachers.

After the three questions, ask the students to work in pairs and discuss the questions. Then elicit the most interesting answers.

Susan Boyle – more YOUTUBE lessons

You can find one more video activity here. There is another video, this time with a short poem. Enjoy
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