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There is someone doing something – elementary grammar
There is someone doing something – elementary grammar

I had been using these phrases long before I learnt that they were a grammar item. However, as I have to teach them to my students at school, I have created this short post. There is just a simple graphical presentation of the phrases and two games to practise them.

To practise phrase there is someone doing in a more realistic and communicative  way I recommend using some similar picture where students should find the differences. Nice pictures for spotting the difference can be found at Maryglasgowmagazines (you have to pay to be a member though).

There is someone doing – Mind map

This simple chart shows how the phrase There is/are … doing something should be formed.
there is someone doing something grammar

The way these phrases are formed.

There is someone doing – games

I think I have not used the Penalty template for some time, so here you can play the penalty shootout. Your task is to answer each question correctly and then score a goal. Good luck.

Penalty shootout game

The second game is called Teacher invaders. Your task is to shoot all the invaders and finish the sentences with the correct for of the verbs in the brackets. Be careful with your spelling.

Past simple or past continuous? – quiz

More grammar games

You can find some more grammar games for elementary students at our site. For example there are games and mind maps to learn the past simple tense of irregular verbs. Or you could try the games on forming Adverbs correctly.