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Town vocabulary
Town vocabulary

Vocabulary is the most important part of language. Without grammar you can communicate with difficulty, but without vocabulary you cannot say anything.
In this post, I would like to teach nearly 30 vocabulary items for different town facilities. I have included an infographic, an online quiz and a worksheet with several vocabulary activities. There is also a video where all the words are pronounced by a native speaker.

Town vocabulary – infographic

The following map shows a town with all the buildings labeled in English. First, ask your students to have a look at the map and try to understand the meaning of the words. If you donĀ“t understand any of the words, check their meanings below:
Town facilities vocabulary
Here are all the words and their definitions:

  • bank – a place where you keep your money
  • airport – a place where planes start and finish their journey
  • warehouse – a place where companies keep their goods until they need them
  • hotel – a place where you can stay for a night or longer
  • wood – a place with a lot of trees
  • traffic lights – a set of red, yellow and green lights that shows you whether you can go or you have to stop
  • school – a place where you can learn a lot of new things
  • train station – a place where trains start and finish their journeys
  • apartment house – a building with a lot of apartments
  • house -a place where people live
  • skyscraper – a very high building
  • city centre – the buildings in the middle of a town or a city
  • church – a place where people worship
  • fire station – a place where firemen keep their equipment
  • shopping centre – a place where there are a lot of shops
  • park – a place with grass, trees and benches. You can relax there.
  • bridge – a structure across a river or a deep valley
  • police station – a place where the police are headquartered
  • stadium – a place where football or rugby matches are played
  • petrol station – a place where you can buy petrol
  • hospital – a place where you go when you are really sick
  • factory – a place where they make new things
  • wharf – a place where they move goods from ships to trucks or warehouses


To learn the correct pronunciation of these words, watch the following video and repeat the words you hear.

Once you feel that you know the vocabulary, it is time to move to the quizzes.

Town vocabulary – online quiz

Here you can choose between two options. You can either print out the worksheet and practise the vocabulary on the paper or you can do it on your computer or mobile phone.

Town vocabulary worksheet

Town vocabulary key


[shomyadsa] To see the quiz on a full screen click the button below:
Town vocabulary online quiz

Town vocabulary – share

More often than not I teach in classrooms with no internet connection, so I realize that it is important to be able to use the activities offline too. You can download the online quiz, the game, and the picture and use them offline: