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Past tense of irregular verbs – VA method
Past tense of irregular verbs – VA method

Recently I have published 4 posts on teaching irregular verbs. The posts were based on a rap song by Fluency MC. This post is different.
This time I am introducing a new method of teaching the past tense of irregular verbs. The method is called the Visual-Audio Method, and I think it is completely new. I have managed to try it out with only with one class so far, but I can say that it worked.

Irregular verbs – video

Here is the video for the Visual-Audio Method. It consists of three parts. In the first part the students listen to, read and repeat the sentences. In the second part they listen to the sentences and repeat them, but the words don’t appear on screen. In the third part they see the picture of the action and they have to supply the sentence before they hear it.

You should play the video at least once in each lesson for one or two weeks to ensure that the students remember the phrases.

Irregular verbs – infographic

The following infographic should help the students revise the words. You can ask your students to translate the phrases.

Irregular verbs VA method infographic

Irregular verbs – quizzes

Your students can test their knowledge of the past tense of the verbs in the following HTML5 quiz. The quiz will play on all mobile devices and desktop computers.
Irregular verbs Quiz
The following two games are in Flash and will play only on desktop computers. They are really fun. I often play them with my classes at school.

Irregular verbs Invaders game
[showmyadsa] Irregular verbs Half a minute