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Winter sports – learn the names of all the Winter Olympic sports
Winter sports – learn the names of all the Winter Olympic sports

The whole planet is following the Winter Olympic games in Sochi. And as this site has got the word “games” in its name I think it will be appropriate to make a post on winter olympic sports.

Winter Olympic sports – video

Here you should listen and repeat the words.

Winter Olympic sports – interactive mind map

This mind map contains all the sports and the less typical ones contain a link to a Youtube video where you can see the sport.

Winter Olympic sports – Mind map

Here you can see the mind map with all the sports.

Winter Olympics

Winter Olympic sports – Games

There are two games to practise the winter olympic sports. The first one is called On target. Your task is to read the definition and then choose the best option. If you answer correctly you will get a chance to shoot the Evil ducks. Do not forget that you can get a Bottle Bonus if you shoot a bottle.

Winter Olympic sports – On target game

The second game is called Half a minute and your task is to put the letters in the correct order. However, you have only 30 seconds to do this.

Winter Olympic sports – Half a minute game


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