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Adjectives with the endings ed or ing
Adjectives with the endings ed or ing

This is quite a simple grammar point – adjectives with the endings ed or ing. The more annoying it is when students use the endings incorrectly. In this post you can find a mind map, two games and a BBC presentation on this topic. I hope it will work fine for you and that you will never ever confuse these two endings again.

Adjective endings – mind map

I call it a mind map but in fact it is a graphical explanation of the grammar point which has nothing to do with a mind map.
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Adjective endings – games

In both of the following games your task is to choose the correct adjective and then shoot 🙂

Adjective endings – On Target game

On Target Flash game.

Adjective endings – Penalty game

Penalty game Flash game.

Adjective endings – BBC grammar challenge

I have tried to turn the great BBC programme into a video. You can watch the result below. It explains the usage of the grammar.