Adjectives with the endings ed or ing


This is quite a simple grammar point – adjectives with the endings ed or ing. The more annoying it is when students use the endings incorrectly. In this post you can find a mind map, two games and a BBC presentation on this topic. I hope it will work fine for you and that you will never ever confuse these two endings again.

Adjective endings – mind map

I call it a mind map but in fact it is a graphical explanation of the grammar point which has nothing to do with a mind map.
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Adjective endings – games

In both of the following games your task is to choose the correct adjective and then shoot 🙂

Adjective endings – On Target game

On Target Flash game.

Adjective endings – Penalty game

Penalty game Flash game.

Adjective endings – BBC grammar challenge

I have tried to turn the great BBC programme into a video. You can watch the result below. It explains the usage of the grammar.

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  1. Dear ad,
    Please sending to me the lessons and the test.
    Thanks so much for your support!

  2. I am afraid we cannot send you the lessons. You have to check the site regularly 🙂

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  5. Thank you Maria. I will gladly accept any help from any teacher of English. I will certainly contact you.

  6. Thanks Maria for your interest and concern. Happy that a teacher showed interest . well ,my email address is and I will be contacting you via this mail id . thanks again for your concern.

  7. Thanks a lot for having real zeal to contribute in the aspect of governmental education.

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  9. i am khaled i like this language and i need someone to help me to improve my level in english

  10. hi,I’m english private teacher,But I need concept to understanding my student ,and I think this is so good, please help me how to download the game for esier learning.thank you

  11. I am afraid I do not know how to download the game alone. It needs to be embedded into a website, otherwise it does not work.

  12. Thank you so much for posting this. It is really helpful. Can you post the material about how to teach the essay text easily

  13. Very nice site, I am an English learner and I also like to teach my son too….This site is very helpful

  14. i like this language and i need someone to help me to improve my level in English.&Can you post the material about how to teach the essay text easily

  15. Muy interactivo para aprender mas facilmente y de manera mas divertida.

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