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How to decide between an adverb and adjective
How to decide between an adverb and adjective

Students often hesitate over whether they should use an adverb or an adjective in a sentence. And to be honest, I did not make it much easier for them with my explanations. So I decided to buckle down to work and create a simple system which will work for my students.
Here is the final result. I have created an infographic which helps the students decide what form they should use. Then there are two games to help them to practice what they have learned and an interactive quiz where they can test their knowledge.

Adverbs or adjectives – infographic

First, make sure, that your students know how to form adverbs. If they don´t, we have a great post on adverbs here.


Once you are sure your students can form adverbs correctly, show them the following infographic. Explain that they have to consider two factors when deciding whether they should use an adjective or an adverb. First, are any of the verbs mentioned in point 1 in the sentence? If so, they should use an adjective.
If not, they should consider point 2. Is the word in front of a noun and does it describe it? If so, they should use an adjective again.
In all other cases the students should use an adverb. I know it is just a rule of thumb, but it works most of the time.
You should not forget to mention that there is a difference between GOOD and WELL after the verbs in case 1. GOOD means not bad and WELL means fine or healthy.

adjective or adverb

Adverbs or adjectives – games

Now there are two games to practise the grammar in an enjoyable way. The first game is called On Target. Your task is to choose the correct option and then shoot all the bad ducks. You can shoot one of the bottles near the walls and thus earn a bonus.

On Target game

The second game is called Penalty Shootout and students love it. Your task is again to choose the correct option and then score a goal.

Penalty Shootout Game

Adverbs or adjectives – online quiz

Now you can practise the grammar in the following quiz. Students should fill in the correct answers and if they pass the quiz they will be rewarded with a game. Unlike the games above, this one is in HTML5 so it will play on all mobile devices.

Online quiz
Adjectives with prepositions
Adjectives with prepositions

Two days ago we encountered a simple exercise in our textbook. Students’ task was to fill in the missing prepositions. Even though my students are strong lower intermediate students who can understand a lot of English and speak quite fluently, they were not able to use the correct prepositions. Although the students met the adjectives and prepositions many time before, they could not use them. So I have created this post where I will teach the adjectives and prepositions.
This post contains only a few adjectives but I believe it is better if you always use a few adjectives with the correct preposition than if you know a lot of adjectives and use the prepositions wrongly.

Adjectives and prepostions – infographic


Adjectives and prepositions

Learn the few adjectives with the right prepositions.

Adjectives and prepostions – games

I have been using games in class for quite a long time, but I never fail to be surprised how easily students learn the correct answers to the questions just because they want to win the game.

The first game is called Teacher Invaders and your task is to shoot all the invaders and complete the sentences with the correct prepositions.

Teacher Invaders game

The second game is called On target and your task is to shoot as many bad ducks as you can. You can shoot a bottle too and get a bonus. Give it a try.
On Target game

More posts on prepositions

If you need more practise on prepositions there are two more posts on prepositions at our site. They explain the usage of the prepositions AT, IN, ON for places and time.
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