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Animals vocabulary – learn the names of 50 animals
Animals vocabulary – learn the names of 50 animals

Many people think that the topic animals is suitable only for children. Thus the learners learn the names of twenty animals when they are young and they think it is enough. However, intermediate students need to know more animals than the twenty they learnt as children. That is why I have created the following post. Here the intermediate students can practise what they learnt a long time ago and add some more new words.

Animals – pictionary

Here is a beautiful pictionary with all the animals which will be dealt with in this post.
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Animals – video

Watch the video and repeat the names of the animals. Each word is pronounced twice.

Animals – mind map

For many people it is much easier to remember new vocabulary if it is organised. Here is a mind map which tries to do this.

Animals mind map

Animals – games

There are three games here. The first one is a classical wordsearch. Find the word, click on the first letter and then on the last one. Your task is to find all the animals there.

Animals Penalty game

The second game is called Penalty. Read the definitions and choose the correct animal.

Teacher invaders game

The last game is called Teacher invaders. Your task is to shoot all the invaders and write the names of the animals.

Half a minute game

And here is a bonus game. As some people do not like Teacher invaders here are the same words with the same definitions in a much quiter game:


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