Christmas activities

So this is Christmas. And once again I am looking for some interesting materials to use in my lessons. But I don't want to recycle as the students often remember very well what we did last year or the year before. Lucky kids, as I can hardly remember what I did yesterday :-). That…


Clothes vocabulary

In my opinion, vocabulary is the most important part of language learning. If you know some words and no grammar, you can communicate. However, if you know a lot of grammar and no words, communication is impossible. ADVERT: [showmyads] In this post I would like to give you a chance to enrich your students…

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Weather vocabulary

Weather is one of the most common conversational topics in Britain. Therefore, if you know the basic vocabulary, you can talk to 60 million people. With 60 million conversation opportunities, it is well worth the little effort you need to put in.To make it as enjoyable as possible, there are several activities to help…


Telling time in English

Telling the time is something I have to teach every year. And to be honest I have not been very successful. Even gifted adults struggled. And this year I faced even bigger challenge. I was supposed to teach this to a group of challenged children who cannot tell the time in their MT. So…


Alphabet – audio-lingual method

When I started teaching the English alphabet I was really sure that it will be fun and easy to achieve. My students had no problem learning the alphabet itself, but when they should have used it, they were making a lot of mistakes. I have tried everything. We tried using finger alphabet, some information…


Countries and nationalities

There are many different states and nationalities in the world and we cannot know all of them. However, it is necessary that you know your own nationality and the name of your state. Moreover, I think that you should know at least the names of the most populous countries. That is why I have…


Dates – adaptive learning

Adaptive learning has been the new buzz word in Language teaching community for some time. It sounds so promising. Students will learn only those things they do not know and they will practise what is needed for them to remember. And of course everything will be computer based and the students will be able…


Numbers from 0 to 99

I have already published a post on numbers. However, there I expected that you know the basics and that you need to learn a bit more about them. This post is different. Here, I would like to start at the very beginning and present the basic numbers from 0 to 99. To achieve this…


TV programmes vocabulary: lesson plan

Recently I published a post on TV programmes vocabulary. In this post I would like to add a few activities to help the teachers prepare a great lesson on this topic and to give students a few more activities to practise the vocabulary. ADVERT: [showmyads] Unlike in the previous posts, there are several worksheets…

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Write the words you have learnt and examples of the programmes you know.

TV programmes – learn English vocabulary

Everyone watches TV sometimes. Thus, to be able to speak about what they watch students need some specialised vocabulary. The aim of the following post is to introduce and teach 13 names of TV programmes. ADVERT: [showmyads] To achieve this, we have prepared the following activities: a video, a mind map, a pictionary and…

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Do you know these similes?

Similes – learn the phrases

In my last post I try to teach 11 common similes in English. However, as some students still feel that they need more practise, I have decided to produce this post too. This post contains a visually appealing demonstration of all the 11 similes, a short film to learn the phrases and a dictation…

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Similes are easy to remember.

Similes for learners of English

A year ago George Woolard published a book called Messaging. There he suggests that learners of a foreign language should learn the whole phrases and sentences. By learning the whole chunks the students will later be able to produce the language quicker and more precisely. ADVERT [showmyads] I think that I can agree with…


Town vocabulary

In this post I would like to introduce about 20 new words connected with towns. These words are neccessary if you want to speak about the place where you live or stay. The vocabulary is for elementary and pre-intermediate students and it covers different basic features which can be found in towns and cities.…

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