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Clothes vocabulary
Clothes vocabulary

In this post I would like to offer you several activities to teach Clothes vocabulary. Here, I will concentrate on teaching the following 15 pieces of clothes: a jacket, a dress, a coat, shorts, trainers, boots, shoes, trousers, a skirt, a shirt, a T-shirt, a hat, a cap, a tie and a jumper. This selection is based upon the textbook Project 1 (third edition).

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To help you with your teaching, there is a song, a different kind of infographic, a pair crossword and an online Vocabulary Trainer. I hope these materials will make your lessons more interesting and effective.

Clothes vocabulary – Song

There are several activities you can do with the following song.

I always play the song and I ask my students to write down all the pieces of clothes they hear. Then I display the song and tell the students to check their answers.

Then I play the song and the students try to sing along.

Of course, you can take the lyrics and prepare a gap fill exercise if you want to.

Clothes vocabulary – infographic

This infographic is different. It is more like a worksheet. Hand it out and first drill the pronunciation of the words:

Clothes vocabulary tables pic

You can print the pdf version here:

Clothes vocabulary worksheet

Then, tell the students to complete the worksheet in the following way:

vocabular info explanation

Clothes vocabulary – Class activity

The following activity is called Pair Crossword. Seat the students in pairs and give each student one half of the following worksheet.
Pair crossword worksheet


Students do not show their crossword to their partner and they solve it. Then they work in pairs and their task is to solve the other half of the crossword. They do it in this way:

Student A: “One down. People wear it on their body/head/legs/feet.”
Student B: “Is it a cap?”
Student A: “No.” etc.

Students take turn and they communicate to complete their half of the crossword.

Clothes Vocabulary – online Vocabulary Trainer

To remember new vocabulary, you need to practise it. That is why I created the following programme. It displays a picture and students have to type what they see. If they do not know a word, the computer repeats the word after a while. Each word can get repeated three times.
The game works on desktops and mobile phones. Thus your students can practise the vocabulary wherever they are.

Vocabulary Trainer – full screen
Clothes vocabulary
Clothes vocabulary

In my opinion, vocabulary is the most important part of language learning. If you know some words and no grammar, you can communicate. However, if you know a lot of grammar and no words, communication is impossible.
[showmyads] In this post I would like to give you a chance to enrich your students vocabulary with words for describing items of clothing. There is an infographic, a film and an online quiz to help you teach over 30 words connected with clothing. I hope you find this post useful.

Clothes vocabulary – film

Here is a film to present and teach vocabulary connected with clothes. All the words are displayed, and pronounced by a native speaker. The video consists of two parts. In the first part the students see the clothes, and the word and they hear the native speaker pronounce the word. Their task is to repeat the words. In the second part of the video they only see the clothes, and their task is to say the correct word before they hear the speaker.

Clothes vocabulary – infographic

To make sure that your students can practise the vocabulary at home too, print out the following infographic and hand it out.
Clothes vocabulary infographic

Clothes vocabulary – online quiz

The following quiz is in HTML5 and will play on all mobile devices. It consists of two parts. In the first part, you should match the words with the correct pictures and then click on the correct piece of clothing.
In the second part of the quiz, you have to write the words you see in the picture. If you pass any of these parts, you will be rewarded with a game.
[showmyadsa] Clothes vocabulary – quiz

Clothes vocabulary – Links

You can find some great materials to teach clothes vocabulary at the British Council site.

Clothes vocabulary – elementary
Clothes vocabulary – elementary

Clothes vocabulary is useful and quite easy to learn. Here you will find a video introducing the correct pronunciation (American English) of the words. Watch the video and repeat. In the second part of the video you should say the words yourself.
Then there is a mind map introducing the new words. You can add more to the mind map if you want to. Further you can find here several games to practise the clothes vocabulary.



Watch the video and repeat the words. Then say the words for the clothes you see.

Clothes vocabulary mind map

Here is a mind map of the clothes vocabulary. You can (and you should) print this mind map out and add more words you want to learn.

Clothes vocabulary elementary

Clothes vocabulary games

Once you went through all the words and you think you know them, it is time to practise them in the following games. First one is fill in the blank. Your task is to write the word you see in the picture. You will get 10 words to practise.

Fill in the blank

The second game is a matching activity. Your task is to click on the word that you see in the picture.


The last activity to practise clothes vocabulary is a crossword. Click into the crossword and you will see the clue. Write the words.


The last game is called Click the word. Read the sentence above the pictures and then click on the correct picture and on the button submit.


I hope that by now you know all the new words pretty well.

Other games to learn English

The Kiss is a classical story by the American author Kate Chopin. You can read and listen to the simplified story and then try several comprehension games at http://www.aj3000.org/TheKisspage/the_kiss_story.html .