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Placement test for young learners of English
Placement test for young learners of English

Placement tests are extremely important if you do not know your students well and you need to know what to teach them. Further, these tests can be used to measure whether your students made any progress during a certain period of time.
Placement tests are often professionally produced and sold for a lot of money. And as nearly every publishing house sells placement tests, they are probably in demand. However, there are very few placement tests available for young learners of English.
[showmyads] Noticing this gap, I decided to design a placement test for young students. The test is aimed at children aged 8 – 10. They should have studied English for 2 or 3 years for about 3 hours per week.

Placement test

The test contains 40 items. The students should choose the correct word for each of the pictures from the line below. They should write the number of their answer in the box nearest the picture. You will need to print the placement test in colour as it is not possible in some cases to choose the correct answers without seeing the pictures in colour.

YLE placement test

How to interpret the results?

You can either give the test to the students at the beginning of the school year and then compare the results with the same test at the end of the year and see the progress.

Or you can use the following interpretation:

  • 40-35 The student knows everything from the textbooks Happy House 1, Happy House 2 and Happy Street.
  • 34-20 The student knows everything from the textbooks Happy House 1 and Happy House 2.
  • 19-10 The student knows everything from the textbook Happy House 1 and should move to Happy House 2.
  • 9-0 The student should start with the textbook Happy House 1.

More placement tests

If you do not teach young learners and you need a placement test, you can find a free one here.
If you would like to know how many words your students know, you can try the vocabulary placement tests here.
Or if you would like to have your proficiency level checked professionally, you can find information at the British Council site.
[showmyadsa] You can find some information about the Oxford online placement test here.

Placement test for learners of English
Placement test for learners of English

Placement tests are very important for students of languages. First, they can serve as motivation because they show whether the students improved their knowledge. Second, they help students choose the correct course on their level. And last but not least they inform students how good their English is.


However, good placement tests are very expensive and mostly printed. That is why we have decided to create a placement test that will be available for free and in electronic form. The test is in HTML5 so the students will be able to take it on whichever device they have. If you are administering the test, you just tell the students the URL and ask them to show you their results once they have finished. Thus they can do the test on their mobile phones or tablets.

Placement test

The test contains 60 questions. All of the questions are multiple choice questions and there are five options to choose from for each question. Please, do not guess. Answer only the questions you feel that you know.

If you are taking the test on a mobile device, it might be more comfortable to see it full screen. To get a full screen version of the test, click on the button.

Placement test

As there were some problems with the server, I have added the flash version of the test. It is a bit quicker but it plays only on desktops (no iPads or mobile phones)

Placement test – flash

And here is another HTML5 version of the test, but it is placed on a different server. So if you experience any problems with the tests above, click here:

Placement test – HTML5

Placement test – share

If you have a blog or a website where you would like to share this test, you can do so by placing the following code there. To embed the test in your blog or website insert the following code:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”500″ src=”https://engames.eu/placement test/Placement test_share (Web)/index.html” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

To share the link, insert the following code.

https://engames.eu/placement test/Placement test_share (Web)/index.html

Please, do not forget to mention our site https://engames.eu if you share this

Placement test – Print version

As many teachers asked for a print version of the placement test, here it is. The file is in pdf:

Placement test_print

And here you can see the key to the placement test:

Placement test key

Placement test – comments

Please feel free to comment on the test. Even though we have put in a lot of effort and we checked everything many times, there still might be some mistakes. Please, feel free to inform us about them. THANK YOU and good luck with the test.
UPDATE: Thank you for your comments. I have added the “Review your answers” option and I have corrected one of the questions. Please, if you spot a mistake, inform me. Please, do not write the number of the question, as the questions are chosen randomly. Thank you very much.

Placement test – updates

Thank you for your comments. I have read them all and I have tried to improve the test. Now you can check all your answers and see your mistakes. You can print out the results too. At the moment I am working on a vocabulary test and on the print version of the placement test.

If you want to share the test on your site and see your students’ results, contact me at rotreklzdenek_at_gmail_dot_com and I make the test send the results to your e-mail address.

Thank you for helping me improve the test.