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Passive voice – board game
Passive voice – board game

I love playing games with my students. They lower students’ anxiety and they give them a chance to practise the language. Moreover, in a game mistakes are welcome, and students find it easier to concentrate and perservere. Therefore, a well designed game supports the learners’ growth mindset and is better than a lot of worksheets.

In this post, I would like to share a board game which I created for my students to practise the passive voice. Before I play the game with my students I teach the passive voice using the activities here. Once I feel that my students understand the grammar, we play the following board game.

Passive voice game

Printing the game, you will need to print three times as many pages two as pages one. Thus if you need the game for three groups, you will print the page 2 three times and the page 1 once. Moreover, you will need a dice for each group of students.

My students usually play the game in groups of three or four. Each of the students should take a counter that will represent him or her in the game. They place the counter on the START and throw the dice. They move their counter, read the sentence and transform it into the passive voice. The others listen carefully and check their answers using the key from the page 1. If the student forms the sentence correct, they may stay in the place where they landed. If they form the sentence incorrectly, they must return to the place where they started their move.

The student who gets to the end first is the winner.

I hope your students will enjoy the game as much as my students did.

Passive voice
Passive voice

To learn Passive voice it is necessary to know the past participles. If you do not know the past participles go to our post on Past participle and learn the irregular verbs first. Once you do not have any problems with past participles, it is time to learn the Passive voice in English.
Passive voice is used if the subject (the thing before the verb) does not do the action described by the verb. Then you have to insert the verb “TO BE” in the correct form in front of the verb in past participle.

Passive – graphical presentation

First there is a mind map describing the form of the passive.


The second graphic clearly shows the usage of passive voice: Your task is to write two sentences under each picture using present simple tense and past simple. The sentences in the first column should be in active voice and the sentences in the second column should be in passive voice.

passive demonstration

See how passive is formed

Passive – games

Here you have a chance to learn the passive through games. Play each game at least twice and then I think that you will understand the basic rules of passives.
The first game is a simple online quiz. Try to fill in the verbs in the correct form.

Passive – online quiz

The second game is called Hoop shoot. Once again, choose the correct form and then stop the sliders in the center.
Click Here to play the game – Passive Hoop Shoot