Reported Questions – learn this grammar

Reported speech is not easy but when it comes to reported questions students go mad. "There are so many rules to apply," they whimper. "First, you have to change the question into an announcement and then you have to shift the tenses." That was why I tried to simplify this procedure. In this post,…


Reported speech – backshifting

Reported speech is often considered very difficult. Students fear the backshifting of the tenses, because they often do not know the tenses very well. If they struggle with the formation of the past tense, you cannot expect them to recognize it and backshift it to the past perfect tense. To avoid all this hassle…

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The most common changes in reported speech.

Reported speech grammar explanation

Many students struggle with reported speech. They feel that there are many rules they have to follow and they often get confused. In this post I try to simplify the rules about the reported speech (or indirect speech) as much as possible. There is mind map describing the basic rules, a video and two…


Reported Speech

Reported speech is quite difficult. Students are often confused why the tenses change and what they mean. Here they will get a chance to understand the grammar point better. First, they can watch the two videos explaining the usage of reported speech. Advert: [showmyads] The second explanation is based upon the Grammar challenge by…