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Crazy Vocabulary – learn 11 new words in a rap

Scientists claim that the center for rythm is located next to the long-term memory in our brain. Knowing this, we could exploit it to the students’ benefit and teach them vocabulary through rhymes or raps. So, I tried to create the following rap to teach the students the following words: beach, prefer, rhyme, crazy, bone, railway, clothes, lots, fun, sand and shower.

Crazy Vocabulary Rap -video

First listen to the following rap and answer the comprehension questions under the video.

Now check your comprehension by playing the following game:

Crazy vocabulary rap – Hoop shoot

Crazy Vocabulary Rap – mind map

Now that you met the vocabulary it is time to introduce it. I love introducing new things using mind maps, so here is another one. Each word contains a definition and three examples.

Crazy Vocabulary rap mind map

Crazy Vocabulary Rap – Vocabulary games

Once you think you know all the words it is time to test your knowledge. There are three games to check whether you really know the words. In the first two your task is to complete each sentence with the best option. If you answer correctly you will get to play a game.

Crazy Vocabulary Rap – Hoopshoot game
Crazy Vocabulary Rap – Fling the teacher game

The last game is a bit different. You will see a definition and then you have to write the word. Do not forget to shoot the invaders, though 🙂

Crazy Vocabulary Rap – Teacher invaders game.

Crazy Vocabulary Rap – Lyrics

You might want to learn the whole text, so here you are:

I’m going somewhere on this train
I’m going somewhere fun
A place that has a beach and sand
Railway take me to that sun….

I prefer to go somewhere out west
But any beach will do
Before I go I need a shower
I have no water, what to do….

I need a beach where clothes aren’t needed
Cuz mine I do not have
They got destroyed by a beast
Doing something reasonably bad….

He was drinking lots of milk he was
This milk I wanted some
Cuz in my youth I want strong bones
To stay in shape and have some fun

This rhyme is really crazy
This I really know
Time for me to say bye bye
It’s time for me to go….


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