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The Snowball method is quite simple. You have to work for 10 days in a row. On the first day, the computer teaches you 12 verbs. On the second day, the computer gives you the 12 verbs from the previous day and it adds 12 new verbs. It goes on like this till the day six. Each day there are 12 new verbs and all the verbs from the previous days are repeated. On day 7, no new verbs are added and the 12 verbs from day 1 vanish. In this way, on days 7 to 10, no new verbs are added, and the oldest verbs are deleted. Thus, each verb is repeated at least 6 times.

Moreover, if you make a mistake, the verb is repeated again until you get it right or until you make 3 mistakes.

Irregular verbs – infographics

In the following Snowballs, these verbs are taught:
Irregular verbs infographic part 1 web

Irregular verbs 2 infographic web

irregular verbs 3 web

Irregular verbs – Snowballs

Once you have gone through the verbs, do the Snowball 1. Your task is to write the infinitive and the past tense of the verb in the picture. Please, use a comma and a space after the infinitive (e.g. draw, drew).
Do Snowball 2 the next day. Then do Snowballs 3-10 one each day.

Snowball 1 – full screen
Snowball 2 – full screen
Snowball 3 – full screen
Snowball 4 – full screen
Snowball 5 – full screen ADVERT:
Snowball 6 – full screen
Snowball 7 – full screen
Snowball 8 – full screen
Snowball 9 – full screen
Snowball 10 – full screen

Snowball method

Snowball is a simple piece of software which asks you to translate a word. If you get the word right, it disappears, if not, it gets repeated once or twice after a while. The following day, the programme asks you to translate the words from the previous day and adds 20 more words to learn. It goes on like this till day 5 when I have to translate 100 words. On day 6, the software offers the same 100 words again. But on day 7, I have to translate just 80 words as the oldest 20 disappear. In this way, the words disappear and on the tenth day I translate just 20 words.

This means that each word gets repeated at least six times and if you do not know it, it gets repeated more frequently.

As the answers are evaluated by a computer, DO NOT USE CAPITAL letters and divide the words with a comma (no pause after the comma).

Snowball 1
Snowball 2
Snowball 3
Snowball 4
Snowball 5


Snowball 6
Snowball 7
Snowball 8
Snowball 9
Snowball 10

In this quiz you can practise the irregular verbs. The quiz consists of two parts. In the first part, you should write the past tense and the past particples of the verbs. In the second part, you have to drag the correct verbs into the sentences.

Irregular verbs – quiz

Here, your task is to click the correct past tense and past participle. While the first round is easy, the others are very difficult indeed.
[showmyadsa] Irregular verbs – games

You can test your knowledge of the past tense here.
Irregular verbs Quiz

The Invaders Game to practise the irregular verbs

Irregular verbs Invaders game
[showmyadsa] Practise the irregular verbs in the Half a minute game:
Irregular verbs Half a minute

The following online quiz consists of two parts. In the first part you should match the irregular verbs and their meanings, and then complete the sentences with an appropriate irregular verb in the past tense.
In the second part the you should drag the irregular verbs to the appropriate spaces in the sentences.

Irregular verbs Fling the teacher

This game is called Goose Science Quiz, and your task is to click the dice in the upper right hand corner and then answer the questions. If you manage to get to the finish first, you will win the game.

Goose Quiz on irregular verbs
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  1. Before implementing any irregular verb games in an educational setting, it is always best to brush up on the words that classify as irregular verbs. There are so many of them, that they can be hard to remember even for a professional!
    01/05/2016 at 3:39 pm
  2. Diana
    Thank you very much for sharing!! I've used some of these games in class and students love them! For some time now I haven't been able to use the ones my students love the most: invaders game and half a minute. Links are apparently broken. Is there another way I can access them? Thanks a lot!!!!
    09/03/2019 at 1:58 pm
  3. Zdenda
    The links are not broken. Only web browsers stopped supporting flash and you need to find a way to play them.
    12/03/2019 at 4:45 am

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