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Everything I have to teach the verb HAVE GOT

In this post, I would like to share the materials I have created recently to teach the verb HAVE GOT.


When I start a new grammar, it is most natural for me to start with a presentation and an explanation of the grammar. For the verb HAVE GOT I have created two presentations. In the first one, I explain the usage of the verb in affirmative and negative sentences.

To explain how we form questions, I have created the following presentation with animations. These animations should help learners understand what is going on.


I have recently read a book about learning languages and there the author mentions that students should listen to the target language as much as possible. That inspired me to create the following videos.

In the first one students first listen and repeat the sentences. Then they listen and point to the correct picture.

In the second video, students read the sentences aloud and they complete them with the correct form of the verb HAVE GOT.


The following activity is pretty easy to play and my students liked it.

Print the following worksheet and give each student one card. If there are fewer than 12 students, hand out so many cards, that each card is used twice or more times in the classroom.

Students must not show their cards to anyone and they walk around the classroom and they have to find people who have the same card. They must use the questions HAVE YOU GOT …? Once they find all the people with the same card, they sit down.

Grammar Practice

If you want your students to really learn the grammar, they must do the interleaved practice. It means that they should form all the possible forms of the verb HAVE GOT.

It might seem logical, that first you will practise only the affirmative sentences, then negative sentences and then questions before you mix them up, but it is not the best way to teach. Students will learn more if you mix all the forms from the very beginning. If you don’t believe me have a look at https://www.learningscientists.org/ .

You can find two interleaved exercises here:

Online Practice

As many countries got hit by lockdowns and students could not go to school, many teachers had to start teaching online. To cater for this situation, I have created several online exercises. Check them out below.

Or you could try the following online exercise:

Have got min map
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