First conditional – grammar explanation for learners of English

First conditional mind map

First conditional is very similar to time clauses. However, I would say that first conditional is easier than time clauses.

First conditional is used if we speak about two possibilities in the future. After the conjunction IF we use present simple tense and in the other clause we use WILL. You can see the explanation in the mind map below and then you can try a quiz to practise this simple grammar.

First conditional – mind map

[showmyads] The most important thing to remember is, that you cannot use WILL after IF.

First conditional mind map

First conditional – game

In this game you have to solve the quiz first and then you can play the game Visual memory.
In this game you see some coloured squares and your task is to remember them and later click on them. While the game is quite easy at the beginning, it soons becomes really difficult and my best score is 420 points. Can you do better?

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