The Other Aunt – Harry Potter fanfiction lesson plan

The other Aunt lesson plan
Harry Potter is extremely popular among students. Students know and like the stories.  Why not use this affection? Let’s give them what they want and teach English at the same time. This lesson is based on a fanfiction piece by Neonskittles98 called The Other Aunt. It was published at Wattpad and the author was so kind as to allow me to use the text and create a lesson around it. I hope you will find the lesson useful and that your students will enjoy it. ADVERT: [showmyads]
The Other Aunt – Lesson Plan
Download the following document and print it. The lesson starts with a speaking activity. Students work in pairs. Each student in the couple gets a different worksheet. In the pairs, one student has the worksheet A and the other has the worksheet B. Students mustn’t show their worksheets to their partner. Students do the exercise number 1. They read their sentences to their partner and he/she says whether the sentence is true or not. They count, how many correct answers they give. The winner  is the student who gives more correct answers. All the questions concentrate on Harry Potter, so the activity is a great starter. In the second exercise, students read the text and answer the comprehension questions. Some students may ask why some words are red. Explain that it will play its role in exercise 4. Give your students about five minutes for this exercise and then check their answers. The third exercise is very unusual. It is a translation. Students should write the translation of the words and phrases into the fields directly under the words. The aim of this exercise is not to translate the text to create a good text to read. This exercise should help the students notice which words or phrases they don’t know and therefore they should learn them. In the fourth exercise, students look at the text again and they match the red words with the definitions. In the last exercise, students try to solve the crossword using the red words from the text. I hope you and your students will find the lesson useful and interesting.
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