Adverbs of Frequency – Word Order

Master Yoda never bothered with the word order. But when my young padawans do the same I am not really happy. I yearn for a lightsaber precision. Especially adverbs of frequency should go in the right places. So here I would like to share a set of materials to help you teach this grammar.…


Present perfect vs. Past simple – new activities

The present perfect tense is one of the most difficult tenses for my students. Therefore, I have spent a lot of time creating various materials to teach this tense. To save your time, I share the materials here. In this post, you will find a presentation in which I try to explain the difference…

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Two Simple Online Tools to Teach English

Grammar Pac and Dictate are two online tools which help me teach English. Both of these tools are online and they are made for interactive whiteboards. Both of them provide a simple way to practise the things which have already been taught. Moreover, both of the tools can be easily adjusted to your needs.…


Free Speed Reading App

Unfortunately students don't like reading. And what is even worse, they hate re-reading. It is next to impossible to make them re-read an article . They will complain, they will pretend or they will go to the toilet, but the majority won't read the text again. Therefore I was surprised when I found a…


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