Numbers 1-10

Sometimes it is necessary to teach the very basics because students often believe that they know it, but they don't. Numbers 1-10 are a typical example of superficial knowledge students often have. Even at a young age, they can count from one to ten, but once the numbers don't go one after another, they…


Past simple – speaking activities

When I was teaching my classes online, we couldn't practice speaking. We had to use Google Meet and the interaction was pretty limited. Once we returned to our classes I flooded my students with speaking activities. In this post, I would like to share the ones that I used to practise the past simple…


Two more Microsoft Word Macros

Recently I wrote a post where I share two macros which help you make a simple vocabulary revision tests really quickly. You just type the list of words, run the macros and print the tests. In this post, I would like to share two more macros which you might find useful. The first one…


Present simple – Trivia Quiz

The aim of this activity is to expose your students to the grammar I am going to teach (in this case it is the present simple tense). Moreover, this activity adds a lot of listening comprehension as the students have to understand and answer the questions. Print the following worksheet and cut it in…


Present simple and present continuous

The aim of this post is to give you a set of materials to help you teach the difference between the present simple and continuous tenses. You can find several other resources on this topic here and here. Moreover, there is a great video by BBC called Grammar Gameshow. Here I will share a…


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