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444 Grammar Conversations – free book download

This time I offer a free download of my book 444 Grammar Conversations. As the title suggests, this book contains nearly 500 speaking clues to practise grammar in conversations. 

To learn a grammar point, students need to understand it and then exercise it in speaking. That is why many teachers constantly search for some speaking activities to practise  a given grammar point.

444 Grammar Conversations – How to use this book

Go to the appropriate section and copy the cues there. You can adapt the questions for the use in your classroom.

I use the cues in the following ways:

  1. ) The simplest one is, that I print the questions for everyone and students work in pairs and read the questions and answer them.
  2. ) Print the questions just once for each pair and give the copy to one student in the pair. The student with the handout asks the questions and the other answers them.
  3. ) Print one copy for each pair and cut it in half. Each student asks their questions and answers the questions their partner asks.
  4. ) My favorite activity is called Clock speaking. Divide the questions into several sections and write a time instead of a number to each section. Tell the students to find a different partner for each section. Then say what time it is and students have to work with the partner they have arranged. They ask the questions and answer them.
  5. ) Print the questions for every student and ask them to choose 5 questions they like best. Then the students work in pairs and ask and answer the questions they have selected.

I hope you like this book. If you do, please like our site and share the book.

You can download our book Grammar Up here for free. This book features a completely new way of teaching grammar so it is worth checking out.

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Next week we hope to publish a post on forming questions in the past tense. As a preview you can listen to the rap song which we created for this post.

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