Videos to Teach the Past Simple Tense

Recently I have created a set of videos to teach the past simple tense in English. There is a video that helps students learn to form the past tense in the following situations: the affirmative sentences of regular verbs.the affirmative sentences of irregular verbs.the negative sentences of regular verbs.questions.and short answers All these grammatical…


Five Short Grammar Videos

Grammar is very important. But grammar revision is often boring. The following videos try to make this task more interesting. Here there are five short grammar videos to teach and revise several grammar points: verb to BE - short answers, past continuous tense, possessive case, word order with adverbs of frequency and comparatives and…


Christmas activities

So this is Christmas. And once again I am looking for some interesting materials to use in my lessons. But I don't want to recycle as the students often remember very well what we did last year or the year before. Lucky kids, as I can hardly remember what I did yesterday :-). That…


Graded Reader

What is the best way to practise English? There is no universal answer. If you need to practise speaking, speak. If you need to practise listening - listen. And if you want to practise reading - read. However, if you are not at the level to read a normal book, a graded reader is…


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