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What is the best way to practise English? There is no universal answer. If you need to practise speaking, speak. If you need to practise listening – listen. And if you want to practise reading – read.

However, if you are not at the level to read a normal book, a graded reader is a superb alternative. You can read fluently and enjoy the story and thus improve your language knowledge.

5 Short Stories by H.G.Wells – a graded reader for intermediate learners of English

I love writing graded readers. And the latest book which I wrote is called “5 STORIES BY H.G.WELLS”. It is for intermediate learners of English. The book contains the following simplified stories:

The Remarkable Case of Davidson’s Eyes

Mr Davidson is working in a laboratory when suddenly lightning strikes the building. Mr Davidson loses his sight but in a very special way. He sees things that are not real. But are they really just his imagination?

The Empire of the Ants

This is my favourite story. A captain with his boat goes up the Amazon river to find out why some people ran away from their villages. And they find that the settlements were taken by ants. But these ants are strange to say the least.

The Flowering of the Strange Orchid

Some hobbies seem simple and safe even for a middle-aged man. But they are not!

The New Accelerator

Imagine, you could drink a few drops and then you would live 100 times faster than all the other people. Imagine all the work, you could do. Or read the story and see what other people did in this situation.

The Crystal Egg

Television shows us places which are far away. And this Crystal Egg does the same thing.

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