Christmas activities for young learners of English

Christmas activities

So this is Christmas. And once again I am looking for some interesting materials to use in my lessons. But I don’t want to recycle as the students often remember very well what we did last year or the year before. Lucky kids, as I can hardly remember what I did yesterday :-).

That was why I decided to create a new set of materials for this Christmas. This time it is aimed at young and elementary learners of English. In this post, you will find a song and a worksheet. You can use both of the materials without any restrictions in your classes.

Christmas song

I love the following song. It is catchy and the lyrics are easy to understand:

There are several things you can do with this song. You can just listen and sing along or you can print the worksheet below and ask your students to listen and complete the lyrics.

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Once, they complete the lyrics, check their answers and ask your students if they want to sing the song.

Christmas Worksheet

The following worksheet contains five Christmas activities – two vocabulary activities, a colouring activity, a reading activity and a speaking activity. These activities are on two pages, so you are free to use any of them and you might print just one of the pages if you find the other activities unsuitable for your needs.

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In the first activity, students read the text and put the pictures in the correct order. Then they work in pairs and try to retell the story. As the worksheet is for young learners of English, they are not expected to use the past simple tense.

In the third activity, students colour the picture any way they like.

In the fourth activity, students match the words and the pictures. In the last activity, they try to solve the crossword. Unsurprisingly, the solution is MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Materials for older students

If you are teaching older students and you need some activities for them, you can have a look at Christmas activities or at Christmas – vocabulary and listening. Hope you will find the materials useful.


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