Make and do – when should you use Make and Do


My friend keeps asking me whether there is a logical way to see if he should use DO or MAKE. I always told him that there is not and that he should learn the phrases by heart. However, when he asked me for the third time I sat down and created a logical division for him. It is not foolproof but it is better than nothing. So I hope you will find it useful too.

Make and do – mind map

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Make and do – games

As there is nothing more to explain, here are two games to practise the language.

Make and do – Hoop shoot

In this game it is your task to choose the correct verb and then stop the circles as close to the center as possible. Good luck.
The HOOP SHOOT GAMEThe game is in Flash

Make and do – Teacher invaders

In this game your task is to write the right word (MAKE or DO) to complete the phrases. And then … SHOOT THEM ALL.
The INVADERS GAMEThe game is in Flash

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23 Comments on “Make and do – when should you use Make and Do”

  1. I would like to learn English please send me some learning materials.

  2. Have a look around this site and you can learn a lot of English here.

  3. It is fantastic!!! The easiest way I have never seen…thak you very mych!!

  4. I think it is very necessary for everybody,who wants to learn English well.thanks

  5. thanks a lot fof your efforts to make things clear for who need help!

  6. Excellent effort for making English learning easy specially for who learn English as a foreign language with less importance compared to those who learn English as L2. Go ahead bro! I salute the initiative.

  7. can i download this materials ?? because they are really helpful for my students .

  8. Yes, go ahead. As long as you do not sell the material I am OK with it.

  9. Hello, I am a primary teacher in very poor trible area so u can help me to taught them in very easy way .U can send me some diagrams & material ….THANKS

  10. All the materials are online. You can download and print them for your classes.

  11. Hi
    Do you have the web site for this games ?
    I want to make my own games by my self

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