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similes mind map 2

In my last post I try to teach 11 common similes in English. However, as some students still feel that they need more practise, I have decided to produce this post too. This post contains a visually appealing demonstration of all the 11 similes, a short film to learn the phrases and a dictation exercise.

Similes – picture

You can see all the similes in one picture. Go through them and try to remember the phrases.
similes mind map 2

Do you know these similes?

Similes – video

In the following video you can see and hear all the similes. In the first part you are asked to repeat the phrases. In the second you have to produce the phrases on your own.


Similes – dictation

In this task you will hear the similes used in simple sentences. Listen and write the sentences. If you succeed you can play the game Angry finches. Good luck

Similes – practice

If you know all the similes print out the following mind map and complete it with the similes. You should keep the printout and use it for future reference.

Similes mind map 3

Complete this mind map with the similes you remember


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