English with Youtubers – Niga Higa´s Draw Your Life


English with Youtubers? Are you joking!? Youtubers use horrible English and their stories are about nothing! They use F words all the time and they have no ethics! For example, the most popular Youtuber showed some anti-Jew messages on his channel. Simply put, these videos cannot be shown at schools!

A few days ago I believed this too. Then I searched for the most popular youtubers and I was surprised that it is not true. I watched a video by a guy called Niga Higa (his real name is Ryan Higa) and I was stunned. The video had a message, there were no dirty words and his English was great.


So I decided to create a lesson plan around this video. I piloted the lesson in my classes and I have to say that I enjoyed the lessons very much. And so did the students.


Lesson plan

[/su_heading][su_spacer] The lesson plan is incredibly simple:

  1. Students draw their lives.
  2. Students speak about their lives.
  3. Watch the video and answer the questions

Interactive video


Play the following video and it stops after a few seconds and the students have to answer the comprehension questions to be able to continue.

[h5p id=”1″]

You can find the original video without the comprehension questions here


Draw you life

[/su_heading][su_spacer] For the following activity, each student needs a piece of paper which is divided into 4 or 6 equal parts (it depends how much time you have). Ask the students to draw some important moments in their lives into each part. It is a good idea to prepare your own drawing before the lesson and demonstrate what you want your students to do.

Give your students about 5 minutes to do this. Give the time limit before they start so that the students do not spend too much time on it.


Speak about your life

[/su_heading][su_spacer] Students work in pairs and speak about their lives.

After a while, they swap their partners and speak again.

It might be a good idea to do this speaking as a 4-3-2 activity. The first time, each student speaks 4 minutes. The second time they have to say the same things in just 3 minutes and the last time they have to do it in two minutes. In this way, they will become more fluent.

At the end, I ask my students if someone wants to present their life for the whole class. There are always some volunteers who I then reward.

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