Defining relative clauses

Defining relative clauses

Defining relative clauses are quite easy to understand and use. The name of the grammar sounds horrible but in fact you just need to know when you should use the words “which”, “that”, “who” and “whose”. I like teaching this piece of grammar as the students quickly get the idea and they are able to use it immediately. In this post on defining relative clauses you can find a mind map and three games to practise the grammar point.

Defining relative clauses – mind map

Always read the map clockwise. Start at the top (1 o’clock) go around the mind map.


Defining relative clauses

Defining relative clauses – games

Now that you understand the theory it is time to try it out in the real world. You can find here three games to practise defining relative clauses. First is called “Penalty”. Your task is to choose the correct option and then to score a goal.

Defining relative clauses – Penalty

The second game is slightly more difficult. It is called En garde and you have to be careful because most of the time you have to choose the option which is NOT correct. However, there are one or two items where you should choose the correct one. So pay attention.

Defining relative clauses – En Garde.

The last exercise might not seem like a game at all. It looks more like a test. You have to fill in the missing words. However, if you manage to get more than 80% of your answers correctly you will get to a page where you can play a game called “Angry finches” as a reward. So give it a try.

Defining relative clauses – Cloze test.

Other games to learn English

By now our site contains a lot of games and mind maps to help you learn English. We think you should try for example the games on present perfect tense or on reported speech.
Other activities worth trying are vocabulary games on Clothes, Christmas or Personal qualities.

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  1. Márcia
    Hi, thanks for sharing! Is the defining relative clause map available for downloading?
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  3. Hi, thanks for sharing this useful piece of information about one of the most confused lesson among English learners. I hope you will be able to go on for more benefits.
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  12. bookie
    thank for useful post on relative clauses
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  13. BH English 9 class
    Most if not all of your questions are incorrect. I feel I just confused my students even further.
    04/04/2014 at 7:35 pm
  14. Zdenda
    I have used all of this with my students and they scored high in their tests. Could you be more specific as what you think that is not correct?
    05/04/2014 at 4:02 am
  15. Tracee
    Good way of explaining, and good post to get data on the topic of my presentation topic, which i am going to deliver in school.
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