Teaching with Lego Bricks

Teaching with Lego

During my summer holiday I spent some time creating these lovely boxes. Do you want to know what is inside?

What is inside?

I filled the boxes with Lego pieces. Recently I learnt that it is possible to buy used Lego bricks online and you can choose which bricks you want and how many you want. So I ordered the following set of bricks into each box.

What Will I Do With Them?

First, I will use them for teaching colours. Let´s be honest, the Lego colours are beautiful and especially the younger kids love them. So, I will hand out the boxes (one for each student) and I will teach the colours.

Second, I will use them for teaching the prepositions of place. I will give instructions and the students will follow them (e.g. “Put the grey brick under the yellow one.” etc.) Once I feel that the students know the prepositions, they will work in pairs. One of them builds a small construction and dictates what is where and her neighbour has to follow the instructions.

Third, I would like to use the bricks for teaching vocabulary. I will introduce a set of words, students will try to build the things from the bricks. Then they will ask their partner: “What’s this?” and their partner will answer using the new vocabulary.

Fourth, for relaxing and free talking. I will ask the students to build anything they like and then they will try to explain what it is and what it is made of. They will use their imagination and a lot of interesting ideas might come up.

One of the free creations

How much did it cost?

Not that much. All in all, I paid about 30 Euros for the 24 boxes and all the pieces. The used bricks are much cheaper than new ones and honestly you cannot tell the difference.

You can find the instructions how to make the paper boxes on Youtube:

What else could be done with these?

I will gladly accept any other ideas what else could be done with the bricks. Please write them into the comments or send them to my email rotreklzdenek@gmail.com. Thank you.

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