Past perfect tense – explanation and a mind map

Past perfect tense mind map

Last week I was teaching past perfect in one of my classes and suddenly one of the students exclaimed: “Finally we are learning something new.” And by new she meant useful as well.
I am not sure how useful this tense might be for people who want to speak English but it is certainly very handy for students who want to read in English a lot as past perfect tense comes up quite frequently in reading.
Once again, if you want to use and form past perfect tense correctly you need to know past participles.. If you are not sure about them, follow the link and learn them.

Past perfect – mind map

This mind map tries to explain the form and the usage of the past perfect tense.

Past perfect tense mind map
If you think you understand past perfect tense, it is high time to practise the tense in the following exercises and games.

Past perfect – games

There is just one game to practise past perfect tense. It is called Penalty and to be able to play this game you need to read the following story first:

Jane story to practise past perfect tense

Read the story before you play the game

And now try the game called penalty. Read each sentence and on the basis of the story above decide which tense should be used. If you choose the correct tense you will be given a chance to kick a penalty.

Past perfect – penalty

The GAMEThe game is in Flash
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