Past participles mind map
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Past participles – divided according to the pronunciation

Last week I taught passive and present perfect tense. I thought that I was well prepared but in both cases we encountered one big problem. The students could not form the past participles correctly. So they fought with the past participles and completely ignored the grammar taught.

[showmyads] So now I know that we have to deal with past participles before we return to the two grammatical points again. That is why I have prepared this post. Here the students can learn and practise the past participles of 40 irregular verbs. It is not a full list but, it is better than nothing. There is a rap to start the lesson, there is a mind map and several games to practise the verbs. I hope you will find these useful too.

Past participles – RAP

Watch and follow the video. You can sing along if you dare.

Past participles – mind map

Here I try to track some regularities in forming the past participles in English. These rules are based on the pronunciation.

Past participles mind map

Past participles are not as difficult as they seem.


Past participles – GAMES

In this section of the post you can practise the 40 past participles in different games. First of them is called Fling the Teacher and your task is to choose the correct past participle. If you get all 15 questions correct your teacher will be fired. Good luck.

Click Here to play the game


The second game is called En Garde. Your task is to choose the correct past participle and then hit your opponent. Kill him sooner than he does the same to you.

Click Here to play the game

The third game has already been presented on our site. It is called Teacher invaders and your task it to kill all the invaders and write the past participles of the verbs displayed. Enjoy.

Click Here to play the game
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  1. Engames are useful for a learner who studies English to improve and promote English.

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