Verbs and prepositions II

Verbs and prepositions mind map

Yesterday I learnt Spanish and when I tried to reconstruct a text I found out that I do not remember the small words like articles and prepositions. They were so small that I did not pay enough attention to them to remember them.

Interestingly my students have similar problems with prepositions in English. Therefore I have decided to add more posts on prepositions here to help them.
[showmyads] There have already been several posts on prepositions: Adjectives and prepositions, Nouns and prepositions and verbs and prepositions.

In this post you can find a mind map and two games. Unfortunately the games aren’t mobile friendly.

Verbs and prepositions – mind map

[/su_heading] [su_spacer] Have a look at the mind map and try to remember the prepositions that are connected with the verbs.
Verbs and prepositions mind map


Verbs and prepositions – games

[/su_heading] [su_spacer] Do you think you know the prepositions? Test your knowledge in the game called On Target. Choose the best preposition and then try to shoot the bad ducks. You can get a bonus if you shoot one of the bottles.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#f56b68″ size=”6″]Prepositions game[/su_button]

The second game is called Teacher invaders. To stop the invasion you have to shoot all the monsters and complete each sentence with the best preposition available.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#f56b68″ size=”6″]Prepositions Invaders[/su_button]

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